HD Video

Offer streaming HD content to premium customers. The ability to watch HD content would ensure the IPTV equipment would stay up-to-date with other IPTV technology advances. In addition, it will allow people who install HD video displays in car to watch HD streaming videos right over wireless IP.

Streaming Over the Internet

Use the Internet as your video transport.  Some existing video downloading services has poor video quality and slow video loading. Use your existing wireless broadband to stream videos. As wireless technologies like WiMAX and broadband Cellular develop, you can take advantage of higher access speed to stream HD content directly to cars equipped with WiMAX receivers.

Dynamic Wireless Tower Switching (DWTS)

IPTV MatrixAsia Technologies solution is able to maintain video quality even when wireless connections switch from one wireless tower to another. IPTV MatrixAsia Technology video transport is able to handle all the issues that come with wireless tower switching that’s common in wireless data networks.

View HD Videos Inside Car Video Display

Subscribers has the option to watch videos on their car video display. This means the player must be able to play on existing mobile video displays.


An IPTV system that’s fully scalable to support your current requirements and future growth.

Remote software/firmware update

A system that has minimal truck roll. You can remotely manage all the car IPTV viewing clients.

VOD Support

In addition to be able to watch live TV streaming to the car,  Subscribers has the ability to watch any of the videos available in the video on demand section. This essentially allow viewers complete access to the entire video library.

Viewing Ratio

At any given time,  subscribers can watch videos simultaneously.

Minimal Integration Cost

You do not need large IT staff that can support a complicated IPTV deployment. IPTV MatrixAsia Technologies has a system that will be easy to deploy, manage and support.

Ethnic OTT IPTV Service Deployment Diagram

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