Making Sense of IPTV


Complete OTT IPTV Live TV VOD Solution

Embrace premium OTT TV as the fuel for your biggest current and future profit center: high-speed internet access.

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Automobile OTT IPTV Solution

The ability to offer unlimited video on demand and live TV channels will allow commuters to enjoy the long boring commutes.

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Corporate Enterprise IPTV

Implement IPTV services with live streaming for corporate presentations and annual meetings.

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Distance Learning IPTV Solution

Offer distance learning services and working professionals ability to take classes over the Internet regardless of their locations.

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Ethnic OTT IPTV Solution

Provide content available to your ethnic community and allow people to watch content over the Internet.

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Hotel IPTV Solution

Offer state of the art IPTV solution that can show HD 1080i and 1080p VOD videos on 50″ HDTVs installed in all the luxury rooms.

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