Multi-Device IPTV Streaming Clients

  • Matrix Everywhere Multi-Device Clients Overview

    MatrixEverywhere IMX 1100 PC player is native PC player that’s designed to deliver premium content to desktops and laptops at very low bitrates. Using IPTV MatrixAsia streaming technology, The IMX 1100 PC player is able to stream content securely to desktops.

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  • IMX 1100 IPTV PC Desktop Laptop Player

    The MX 1100 PC viewer is designed to stream videos over the Internet. It is designed to work over any broadband IP connection, wireless wifi connection, wireless LTE networks, and other broadband networks. The MX 1100 PC player is designed to deal with network congestion and traffic bursts.

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  • IMX 1102 Apple Iphone Ipad Player

    The MX 1102 IOS player allows viewers with IOS smartphones and tablets to watch live TV and VOD instantly. Viewers have complete access to IPTV packages they subscribed to. Operators can enhance their IPTV services by offering multi-screen streaming on IP set top boxes, PC players, Android smartphones, IOS smartphones, and mobile tablets.

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