MX 1 UltraHD 4k Set Top Box

The MX 1 ultra HD 4K IP Set Top Box (STB) is designed for the ultimate home theater experience. MX 1 is designed to support highest quality HD videos on the largest HDTV. The STB comes with full support for ultra HD 4K videos and 5.1 digital multichannel sound. The STB also allows users to view Ultra HD and DVD quality videos right from their IP network. Simply plug in the STB to the IP network and home theater system, and the full functionality of IPTV is ready to access.

In addition to support its own IP STBs, IPTV MatrixAsia Technology is open to port its IP STB software to any existing IP STB provided the STB meets IPTV MatrixAsia IPTV MatrixAsia Technology  specifications. Please contact us if you need more information on portingIPTV MatrixAsia Technology STB software to other existing STB platform.

MX 1 Set Top Box Features and Advantages

With the next generation patented MatrixCast Streaming Video On Demand (VOD) technology, broadband users can enjoy high quality videos without having to suffer through the inconveniences associated with video rental stores, mail-order rentals, or even Pay-Per-View. With MatrixCast Streaming VOD, control and convenience is placed back in the hands of the consumer. Anyone with broadband access can watch DVD and HDTV videos at a time that’s convenient to them, in the comfort of their own homes. Key features and advantages of this system includes:

Instant HD Streaming, Network PVR, Channel Changing, Fast Forward, Rewind and Pause Videos Over the Internet

IPTV MatrixAsia MX 1 viewers will have total control over their IPTV experience usingIPTV MatrixAsia’s MatrixCast streaming system. Viewers can experience 3D video viewing in SD, HD, and Ultra HD 4K, instant TV channel changing and video loading. For live TV viewing, MX 1 can support unlimited number of live channels complete with support for MatrixCloud DVR functions. For digital VOD experience, viewers can experience DVD like features such as pause, fast forward and rewind videos at multiple speeds. In addition, viewers have the ability to access unlimited number of videos stored on MatrixCloud video servers.

Complete Digital Media Home Access with Full Home Theater Experience

The MX 1 Ultra HD 4K IP set top box is designed to deliver the highest quality of digital home theater experience right over the Internet. MX 1 viewers can experience HD videos along with 5.1 multichannel digital sound. In addition to complete access to MatrixCast servers.

Complete End-to-End Video Security

MX1 fully supports complete end-to-end video encryption and security. Videos are protected against unauthorized access. IPTV operators can rest easy that only viewers with the proper rights can view videos.

Easy to Install and Maintain

MX 1 is designed to allow operators to save on deployment cost. Customer can simply plug MX3 into the HDMI port on the HDTV, network cable into the Ethernet or via connect via wireless-N, and plug in the power supply. Set up is easy and totally automated. New customers can be up and running literally in minutes. Customers can easily update firmware via the network as it becomes available.

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