IPTV Monitoring Server

IMX c2300 MatrixControl Managment Server

MatrixControl is a web based system for centralized management of the MatrixStream IPTV platform. MatrixControl enables system administrator to check status of the whole system, share configuration settings across devices and to configure alerts using only web browser. MatrixControl has built-in reporting system which can provide Managers with important data about subscriber habits and behavior, TV show ratings and VOD income per movie.


    • Control and Management: MatrixControl provides you with single point of access to all
      MatrixStream devices in your IPTV system and enables you to share channel presets across
      multiple e4100 transcoders.
    • Monitoring: MatrixControl has built in multichannel view so one can simultaneously monitor up to
      9 input multicast streams on a single monitor.
    • Alerting: MatrixControl can monitor stream status and send alerts in case of packet loss or
      stream failure.
    • Reporting: MatrixControl has an integrated reporting system. So it is easy to monitor channel
      uptime, subscriber behavior, TV show ratings or VOD rentals.

User roles: MatrixControl supports user roles, so you can keep your sensitive information safe.

Control and Management

MatrixControl gives administrators of the MatrixStream IPTV platform a single point of access to all MatrixStream devices. Administrators can login to any of the Middleware servers, streaming servers or transcoders/encoders directly from the MatrixControl which significantly reduces time to make changes in the configuration of the MatrixStream IPTV platform.

MatrixControl has built-in user roles. System administrators can be members of:

  • Administrator role: Members of this role have full access to the MatrixControl system.
  • Monitor role: Members of this role are not allowed to make any changes to the system.
  • Multiscreen role: Members of this role have access only to the multiscreen monitoring feature.

MatrixControl enables MatrixStream IPTV platform administrators to edit transcoder channel settings directly from the MatrixControl without need to login to transcoder. It makes configuring multiple transcoders fast and easy.

Members of administrator role can add input streams to the MatrixControl system. Configuring input streams is required for MatrixControl Monitoring service.

Monitoring and Alerting

MatrixControl has a built in service which monitors all input UDP streams in real time. Monitoring service can detect if stream has failed or that there is a packet loss and send an e-mail alert with information about the channel stream which is not functioning properly. MatrixControl can also monitor NAS free space and warn you if you are going to run out of space.


MatrixControl has a powerful reporting feature. It uses MSSQL Reporting Services to deliver rich user experience. MatrixControl supports adding of custom reports so reporting system can meet specific demands of each project. Reports can utilize data about subscriber location, TV show hits, VoD rentals, bandwidth used for streaming, etc.

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